I am now a money magnet.

I realize that persistent repetition of this experience creates more and more powerful results.

I am also open to and aware of all opportunities to create and receive money that come my way.

Before acting on any of them, I sit quietly by myself and ask my inner symbol if the particular opportunity is right for me.

Its answers to me may come as a word, a vision, another symbol, a distinct *gut* feeling or in another recognizable form.

**If the answer is yes, I investigate the opportunity further and continue to check in with my symbol as more information is gathered.  I act only when I have ALL the information needed and my symbol is completely satisfied (no nagging feelings or bothersome visions, etc. left at all).

**If the answer is no, I then ask my symbol if it can be modified in some way to become right for me.  If I get a clear indication that the opportunity can be modified to fit me, I continue asking questions and recording the answers until my symbol says yes.  Then I follow the instructions for a *yes* above.


I now take my time and slowly become aware
of my physical surroundings.


I take a deep breath.


I stretch.


I'm now wide awake and feeling wonderful!


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