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Hi Members, Subscribers and Fellow Marketers!

I get asked how and where I promote all the time, so I finally put a list together for those that want to add some resources, techniques and a bit more structure & discipline to their own advertising.

These are the places I submit ads to consistently online. You'll find safelists, text ad exchanges and

list builders, even social networks... all forms of email marketing to lists of other internet marketers, our target market.

NOTE: While there are many other forms of marketing on the net, posting ads to safelists, list builders and text ad exchanges is one of the easiest ways to start out because it has what I consider to be one of the lowest learning curves, and it does still work.

So, this is by no means an exhaustive list and does not cover all forms of marketing.†

You'll notice traffic exchanges, classified ad, article marketing, blogging, social networking and more is NOT covered here. I have found email marketing to be fast and easy for new marketers to pull in new subscribers and sales, so that's what I've concentrated on in the list and instructions below.

You'll find more methods and tools as you post your ads daily and click for credits, so just add the ones you choose to join to your list & schedule as you go.

Barbie Zabel

Please Note - The Below is an outline of a marketing strategy for people who have more time than money.

If you are only willing to submit ads to 5 or
10 free places a day --- LEAVE NOW.
This strategy WILL NOT create success for you.

People who have more TIME than MONEY to spend on Advertising MUST spend at LEAST 2-3 hours PER DAY on a VERY CONSISTENT basis to start pulling in a predictable income -- a percentage of that Income can and should be used to purchase PAID ADVERTISING that can take over or supplement the free or cheap advertising you'll find here.

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Basic Marketing Tips

There are a few things that I do consistently that help in my promotions, so I'll list them here and if I think of any more, I'll add them.

  1. I'm an upgraded member where I can be.†

    My upgrades came one by one gradually, but now I'm upgraded in a lot of the top sites because I have ALWAYS put a portion of my profits back into paid advertising of some sort - like an upgrade somewhere to mail more people more often, or for a solo ad, etc.

  2. I usually use my own lead capture pages rather than the program's.

    That brands me as a person and sets me apart from other marketers promoting the same thing, plus it builds my own list rather than just the program owner's list.

    • YES, I pay for and use my own autoresponder, my favorite being Getresponse.

    When using my own lead capture pages, I can list a program's benefits that are important to me personally, which makes what prospects read more believable and less hypey pie-in-the-sky.

    • For a Complete Marketing System (for only $10/mo!) that includes Autoresponder, Hosting, Site Builder, Splash & Squeeze Page Builder, Autoresponder, List Broadcaster, Link Tracker and More, Click Here.

      I wish I had this when I first started out! At the time of this writing (July 24, 2015) my upline is making over $5,000/mo by sharing it with others!

  3. Use your name and smiling image as part of the signature of your ad to BRAND YOU. The more familiar people are with your name and face, the more they feel they can trust you.

  4. I put a small classified ad of one of my marketing sources underneath any main program ad I submit. It pulls in sign ups and sales too, so is a great source for passive & viral webpage exposure (not to mention another income source which pays me for more advertising!).

  5. When posting ads, I do NOTHING ELSE BUT POST ADS.† Surfing and perusing things of interest is for some other time.† I get in the ad site, paste the ad in, submit it and get out.† Then I move onto the next link to repeat.

  6. I post ads consistently, even during *slow times*.† Links at many ad sites stay active at least a week, so you may be getting more clicks a day or more after submitting your ads, rather than on the day you post them.

  7. IMPORTANT RULE OF THUMB: There are lots of variables, including your sales page, it's auto message drip series, etc, but...

    If you are selling a product that costs around $50 or a bit less, the general rule is that you'll get 1 sale from approximately every 50 opt ins you pull in.

    If you are selling a product that costs around $100, the general rule is that you'll get 1 sale from approximately every 100 opt ins you pull in.

    It's sometimes more, and sometimes less depending the product, but this is why consistent and daily advertising is a must!


How to Create Emotionally Compelling Ads

Good Advertising = More Money!

Make sure to peruse your program's site and splash pages for the benefits that stand out to you.† Mix and match your favorite phrases into paragraphs of your own to create unique shorter or longer ads.

Here are some basic guidelines to follow...

Your ads must arouse curiosity and greed, expose pain, plus offer a beautiful solution to your prospects' current problems or situations.

Many times people stray from these basic principles in online sales.† Big mistake - they work!

Don't tell the whole story in your ad. The ad must be written to get the prospect to the capture page, then the capture page must make them curious enough to enter their name and email for more information.

Next, the tour, corporate site, and your follow up must cater to the solution they are seeking.† When you follow these guidelines, YOU WILL MAKE SALES.

For more ideas on ad headlines and body, look over your product / service /opportunity website and take notes.† You'll be able to come up with several different types of ads and subject titles that you can word in hundreds of ways.

Your ads should stress the main BENEFITS to your potential members/customers:

  • How would your product/service/program ENHANCE their lifestyle?

  • What problems do they have now that your product/service/program would solve?

  • What pain are they experiencing now that your product/service/program would take away?

  • How are they suffering now and how could your product/service/program end that suffering?

  • What specific aspects about your program hooked YOU?

Spend time taking all your notes and ideas and putting them into the form of short headlines and ads.

Typically, subject titles should be 40 - 60 characters, and the ads themselves will be from 3 - 5 lines at 40 - 60 characters each for classifieds, 10 - 20 lines or more for solo ads.† You can go here to easily and quickly count the number of characters in your ads to get them just right.

Want Color HTML Ads?

Click here for a visual editor.
(Does NOT work in Firefox! Use your Internet Explorer browser.)

Once you've created your ad, click the HTML button to grab the code - save it in a text file on your computer for easy access for posting ads every day.

Barbie's NOTE: If you are a member of mine in any program I promote,


Consider This Before You Jump In

Before following the set up instructions below, I recommend you purchase some solo ads or other set and forget advertising to run *in the background* while you're busy.† That way, you can be gaining new prospects and members WHILE you're setting up and organizing your ad posting links and schedule.


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Solo Ad Groups

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(Another favorite - your ad is guaranteed 2500 clicks! Best price is available on the
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Monster Solo Service
Ultimate Solos


Set & Forget

NOTE: There is no single set and forget traffic source that will supply all the traffic you need. It's best to have as many of them running as you can fit in your advertising budget.

You cannot rely on one marketing method alone to support your business!† Each advertising method should be one of several that supports your overall marketing strategy.

Regardless of the program, here's an important fact:

The affiliates who are making the most sales are focusing their promotional efforts in multiple directions. Your job is to try to channel your promotional efforts in a direction that other affiliates may be missing.

To do that, you MUST keep trying and testing new things until you find what generates the most leads and income for your particular program.


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Organization and scheduling of your links is going to make your life MUCH easier and there are a few applications online that can help you do so.† However, we're going to start with a very basic set up to get you going in the right direction first since it's totally free.† If you wish, you can purchase online helpers along the way as you get into profit.

  1. Setting up is the longest part of this process. Give yourself the time necessary to do it the right way so that your ad posting can go smoothly thereafter!

    If you are easily overwhelmed, just make a goal to get 3-10 joined per day, and before you know it, you'll be done!

  2. Put each login link, username & password you join into a text file (look for notepad from your pc start menu) and SAVE it;

  3. Click this text file link open, then SAVE it to your desktop as AdPostingSchedule.txt

  4. Add each new membership link, username & password in the appropriate spot as you join, and remember to SAVE your file with each addition.

  5. To make your links clickable, you may want to save your finished list as an email file stored in a special folder in your inbox.†

    Keep a text copy on your desktop too, as you'll want to change the dates, etc. after you finish posting for the day.† Just replace your email file the next day when you post.†

    This way, you can go down your list, day by day, clicking the link, submitting your ad, then moving onto the next link over and over quickly.


Below are some tutorials about how to organize your email addresses so you are not overwhelmed by the 1,000s of emails you'll be getting by joining the safelists, text ad exchanges and list builders below.

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