Greetings from Barbie Zabel!

I have personally earned $1000s of dollars utilizing specific marketing systems and programs.  My income grows monthly! 
I can help you do it too.





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Welcome to EzNewYou! 

I'm Barbie Zabel and I've been successful at making a good and growing income on the internet.  I'm not some big guru and I don't pretend to know all the answers.  I'm an affiliate who is still learning, applying and growing, just like you.

But I DO know what has worked for me... How am I doing it?

1. Selectivity:  I DON'T scatter my forces and jump on every hyped up prelaunch or launch that comes down the pike, even though some have recognized that I am growing a bit of influence online and so invited me to partner up with them.

2. Discipline:  I advertise at least 5 days per week, at which I spend between 1 to 3 hours at minimum each day. Persisting in that activity on a consistent basis, even through slow weeks, is KEY.  That scheduled and organized activity is finally what turned the corner for me.

3. Multi-Purpose Advertising:  I promote short splash or lead capture pages (rather than sales pages) so that I can build my list and brand myself while I'm promoting, accomplishing all 3 at once: Advertising - List Building - Branding.

4. Responsive:  Most importantly, I answer every support question that I receive in a timely manner.

If you've been struggling online and would finally like to begin attaining some monetary success in your own right, I'll offer you the systems, the marketing strategies and ad copies, as well as introduce the proven successful opportunities for you to plug into to make those systems PRODUCE CASH for YOU, too.

I look forward to working with you!

Barbie Zabel



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Need More Free Sources to Post Your Ads?
Here's an Extensive List and My Favorite Strategies...

I get asked how and where I promote all the time, so I finally put a list together for those that want to add some resources, techniques and a bit more structure & discipline to their own advertising.

These are the places I submit ads to consistently online. You'll find safelists, text ad exchanges and list builders, even social networks... all forms of email marketing to lists of other internet marketers, our target market.

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To achieve success in any program, you MUST promote consistently and persistently.
That means you MUST advertise at least 5 days a week, EVERY week. 

If you are not willing to spend at minimum 2 hours a day first learning how to post ads and then promoting your online business opportunity (or pay others to do it for you), YOU WILL FAIL.

I went from broke to earning thousands of dollars (and subscribers!) when I finally put myself on a daily schedule of posting my ads to 40+ safelists and list builders. I have since expanded my marketing reach into other areas as I educate myself and apply what I learn, but regular posting to free safelists SAVED me from having to get an outside job!

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Then follow this step by step guide to start dominating safelists TODAY!


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